GET YOUR TICKET NOW!!! Nine weeks till Alice folks, and the studio is a buzz with preparations.  Costumes are arriving daily. Advanced ticket sales start this Saturday at PMDS, 53 Main Street, Sackville from 9 am to 8 pm, and at Tidewater Book Store during store hours on Bridge Street in Sackville. Advanced tickets are $23 for Adults and $12 for students. There is no admission cost for toddlers. Tickets at the door will be $25 for Adults and $15 for students. Shows are Saturday May 27 at 6 pm, Sunday May 28 at 1 pm and 6 pm at Convocation Hall, Sackville. Those who are interested in volunteering backstage are invited to write their names down on the volunteer list posted in the dressing room at the studio. Many thanks to our dance family members for all your support and help, it takes a village to bring ALICE A DANCE TALE to life! 


11 weeks till Alice, 98% of choreographies done, costumes have been ordered, sewing comity getting ready to bedazzle them, sponsor comity is moving forward,  Art Exhibit Fundraiser has 12 artists working on Alice or Dance themed works of art, (more details to come),  Tickets printed, advanced ticket sales starting April 1, Convocation Hall is booked, program notes and order of the show started, soundtrack 50% done, teachers doing a FABULOUS job for which Artistic Director is eternally grateful… Artistic Director is grateful for ALL the help and support she is receiving… Artistic Director has started to go ever so slightly mad but… WE’RE ALL MAD HERE! 


I've always had mixed feeling about Valentine's Day. It felt like it was created to generate revenue for the card industry and lacked sincerity but on the other hand celebrating love is not such a bad thing, right? Except, I would like to think we can celebrate love every day and I try my best to express my love for life, family, friends including my extended dance family in an honest yet quiet way all the time because, with todays social media and political climate we need to feel the LOVE e-v-er-y single day and focus on all our blessings. We all know IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL YOU LOVERS OUT THERE! <3 <3