5678 Showtime Competition

If you really want to know what competition weekend is all about take a look at this beautiful moment captured by my husband Robert LeBlanc. Being part of a dance family/team is a long and wonderful journey.  It's creating friendships, learning how to be patient and gracious.  It's a lesson in humility, teamwork, hard work, respect and personal growth.  Yes the dancing part is fun and exhilarating and keeps you fit but it is so much more than that too.  I will post the results of the weekend later which by the way were overwhelming amazing, but for now I want to emphasis what is more important to me than amazing results.  As one of my beautiful teachers and dancer said this weekend: " I don't care about awards because this was the BEST we have ever danced, all of US."  This is what it's all about folks... all of the above!

Renee Rioux, Artistic Director PMDS