PMD Troupe Wins Big in 5678 Showtime Competition!

November 18, 2016, Sackville - Perpetual Motion Dance Studio (PMDS), a dance studio based in Sackville, NB, participated in the 5678 Showtime Competition and Convention regional competition on November 12 and 13 in Fredericton, NB.  Members of the PMD Troupe won over a dozen first place, four second, and four third place trophies.  Each routine merited an award.


“The dancers were performing beyond anyone’s expectations, including their own,” praised Renee Rioux, Artistic Director.  Each routine was followed by exclamations of ‘that was our best performance yet!’ by the dancers.  “Being part of a dance troupe is a long and wonderful journey. It's a lesson in humility, teamwork, hard work, respect, and personal growth. I am very proud of the dancers and grateful that they got to experience the competition.”  “The most rewarding part of all”, added Rioux, “is that the dancers feel accomplished and are proud of their hard work!”


PMDT also received 9 Dance World Cup invitations. The World Cup brings over 8,000 dancers from Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and the USA. The World Cup is a Conseil de la Danse (CID)-UNESCO event hosted by 5678 Showtime. The 2017 World Cup will be held in June 2017 in Whistler, British Columbia.


Newer member, 9-year old Vivienne Blanch, won a scholarship to the Barcelona Dance Tour, an invitation-only dance opportunity that involves classes and learning opportunities held in Barcelona, Spain.  Her winning solo, danced to “Hit the Road Jack” by PMDS upcoming choreographer and teacher, Veronica Ouellette.  Ouellette’s choreography for “Big Spender” also received an invitation to Dance World Cup as did pieces by senior choreographers, Renee Rioux, Shavar Blackwood, Isabo LeBlanc, and Shanel Akerley.


Rioux also give’s high praise to her teaching staff, her costume manager as well as the overwhelming support she receives from parents, friends, and the community.  “Our success in Sackville is due to the ongoing support that we receive,” said Rioux.


PMDT will be showcasing all their dancers during their Christmas Demonstration on Sunday, December 18 at Tantramar Regional High School. Show times are: 1pm for the toddler program, 3:30pm for the leisure program, and 7pm for the PMDT Showcase, which will involve performing the competition pieces.


Perpetual Motion Dance Studio’s leisure program is geared to dancers of all ages, levels and styles. Dancers may take as many classes as they wish.  We offer free trial classes any time during our dance season. Classes are designed for children ages 2 – 18 years and Adults. Class levels are determined by age and previous dance experience. We offer dance at the beginner level and above. 


For more information about Perpetual Motion Dance Studio, please visit its website at or contact Renee Rioux at

"Lemonade" by Shavar Blackwood

"Lemonade" by Shavar Blackwood