Class Descriptions

Creative Movement Program

The Creative Movement program is a fun and playful class that aims to develop coordination, self-expression and group interaction for toddlers ages 3 – 5 yrs. Creativity and imagery are called upon engaging young students to participate and learn.


Pre Ballet Program

Pre Ballet is a continuum to Creative Movement program and serves as a transition into ballet. Students develop gross motor skills, increased flexibility and are introduced to the language of ballet. For children ages 4 – 6 yrs.


Ballet Program

PMDS Ballet program is based on the internationally recognized Cecchetti and Vaganova techniques. Classes consist of bare and center exercises. This program focuses on body alignment and proper use of technique nurturing a focused dancer who is aware of their strengths, challenges and how to avoid injuries. Grace and artistic expression are also an important part of this program.


Pointe Program

Pointe classes are available to experience dancers who are currently enrolled in our ballet program. To ensure dancers safety, admission to pointe classes is by teacher’s discretion.


Jazz and Lyrical Jazz Program

This program focuses on incorporating various styles of Jazz including classics like Fosse and Broadway Jazz, as well as the new Street and Lyrical Jazz. Set to today’s music, dancers will work on flexibility, strength, turns, jumps and kicks! A fun, fast pace and challenging class for all.


Hip Hop Program

This style is fun, funky and percussive. Dancers develop a sense of rhythm and style. This style is amongst the latest dance craze.


Contemporary and Modern Program

Contemporary and Modern dance class give dancers the opportunity to express themselves and their emotions through movement. Class consist of an introduction to modern dance techniques Limon and Graham. Similar to the ballet program, this class focuses on body alignment, fluidity of movement and nurturing a thinking dancer. 


Tap Program

PMDS tap program is based on Musical Theatre and Jazz. Tap is characterized by rhythmic steps.


Acro Program

Acro dance is a seamless combination of acrobatic and gymnastic skills with choreographed dance moves, requiring a great deal of strength and flexibility.