All PMDS tuition fees are based on a yearly amount. The prices reflect the change in HST, which is now 15%.  Tuition fees are divided into 5 equal installments (see below).


Costume Closet Fees

As a result of parental feedback we have added a yearly costume fee rather than engaging in fundraising activities to support our ever growing costume closet. This costume fee can be paid in full at registration or simply added to your tuition installments.

PMDS is very proud of its costume closet. Maintaining and growing our costume inventory requires support. The annual costume fees supports purchasing, cleaning, repairing, storing and overall management of the closet. The annual costume fees is $50. This fee can be paid in full or added to your tuition installment at a cost of $10 per payment.


Method of Payment

Payment can be made with post-dated cheques, cash or online (when online option is available). PMDS also accepts e-transfers.  If you would like to pay by e-transfer, please email Renee Rioux at  Send the password in a separate email.  


Refund Policy

Should you decide not to return after a given semester, we will gladly return your post-dated cheques and/or settle your account with a reimbursement if one is due.


Installment Schedule

All post-dated cheques are due at the time of registration.  Make cheques payable to Renée Rioux.

Yearly Tuition fee is divided into 5 equal installments:

  • Payment 1: Due September 10th

  • Payment 2: Due November 1st

  • Payment 3: Due January 1st

  • Payment 4: Due March 1st

  • Payment 5: Due May 1st

Classes run from September 12, 2016 through May 27, 2017 (HST Included in payments).

  • 30 min. class / 5 equal payments of $70.38

  • 60 min. class / 5 equal payments of $86.02

  • 75 min. class / 5 equal payments of $93.83

  • 90 min. class / 5 equal payments of $109.48


Multiple Class and Family Discount

The following discount schedule will apply:

  • 2 classes a week / 10% on the second class or family member

  • 3 classes a week / 15% on the second and third class/family member

  • 4 (unlimited) classes a week or more %20 on the second and each subsequent class/family member

Pay per class and drop in fees

  • $17 for a 60 min class

  • $18 for a 90 min. class